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Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and roots and can provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth. Dr. Humphries will work closely with implant experts to create a personalized treatment plan that will restore both functionality and appearance. Dental implants last much longer, are permanent, and are easier to care for than traditional dentures and other dental prosthetics.

Once the implant has been placed and healing is complete, our office will create and place custom-made restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures on the dental implant posts to complete your new smile.

Single Dental Implant

Dental implants are small anchors made of a biocompatible metal called titanium that are placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth in the mouth. After placement, the anchors will begin to fuse with the bone over the course of a few months. After the fusing process, known as osseointegration, abutment posts are inserted into the anchors to allow for the permanent attachment of the replacement teeth.

Implant Supported Bridges

An implant supported bridge is a restorative solution for spaces where three or more adjacent teeth are missing. This restoration typically requires two implants to support the bridge that provides a functional and aesthetic replacement for a patient’s natural teeth.

What are the advantages of an implant supported bridge?

Because of the natural look and feel and the functional stability provided by the implants, implant supported bridges are an effective solution to replace multiple missing teeth.

A traditional bridge uses teeth on either side of the missing tooth space for support, and preparing teeth for crowns can weaken them. Because these teeth serve as attachments, they are subject to additional forces that can damage both healthy and compromised teeth or bone tissues.

A dental implant supported bridge replaces missing teeth by placing two or more dental implants rather than adjacent teeth. These implants avoid putting any additional stress on your natural teeth and help preserve the health and function of the surrounding bone tissue and teeth.

Full Arch Restoration

For patients missing many or all of their teeth, implant retained or implant supported dentures may be an alternative to traditional dentures. These solutions can simulate the look and feel of natural teeth and stay fixed in place with the implants acting as anchors. Using implants for retention or the support of dentures allows for a smaller and more comfortable base and less shifting of the prosthesis during use.

Implant Supported Dentures

An implant supported denture requires the placement of four to six dental implants as “anchors” to provide a sturdier fit and minimal mobility for your denture. With implant supported dentures, there is no plate covering the roof of the mouth, so speaking and eating are more natural and comfortable than with traditional dentures. For qualifying patients, our doctors may be able to complete the removal of all teeth and the placement of a temporary arch on the same day.

Instructions Following Implant Surgery

How to care for your oral health after implant surgery
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